Getting started

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for SprintPlus are:

  • 1.8 GHz processor 
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 3 GB available disk space
  • sound card
  • Microsoft Windows 10 or higher
  • Microsoft Word 2007 (32 bits only) or higher to use the Sprint toolbar when working on the SprintoPlus USB-stick

The following operating systems are fully supported:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

The following operating systems are only supported by

Is SprintPlus compatible with Mac/Apple or Chromebooks?

You can only use on a Mac or Chromebook. Our installation version is only available on Windows.

Can SprintPlus be used on a tablet?

SprintPlus can be used on tablets that run within Microsoft Windows' desktop environment. Unfortunately, they can not (yet) be used on iPads or Android tablets.


  • tablets with Windows 7
  • tablets with Windows 8
  • tablets with Windows 8.1
  • tablets with Windows 10

Only supported by

  • tablets with Windows 8 RT
  • tablets with Windows 10S
  • tablets with Android
  • iPads
Open SprintPlus PDF file without a license?

This is possible with the free Sprint Viewer. You can even prepare or correct the files, a perfect tool for teachers.

Why use dyslexia software?

SprintPlus is not a 'cure' but it is in first instance an aid. The use of software for learning difficulties like dyslexia offers support at different levels. It improves reading skills, spelling and writing. It also helps to bring structure and to study faster.

SprintPlus can be useful with young children as a support and a practise tool. It can read text out loud and help you prepare your lessons. SprintPlus can also be a great tool when learning foreign languages. It has proven its efficiency in the field of education, from primary and secondary to higher education. Adults with reading difficulties can also use SprintPlus.

Government support

Government support

Where can I find my serial number?

The SprintPlus serial number (SPRXXXXX) can be found in the SprintPlus menu under the tab File > Info if you have SprintPlus 2.

Are you already working in SprintPlus 3? Go to "Help" in the ribbon and click on "Info". It can also be found on the SprintoPlus USB-stick or HASP key and on the packaging of your software product. Please always mention your serial number when contacting us. 

If you order an option like SprintOCR or upgrade, you can also fill out the serial number(s) in your shopping cart (see field "serial number"). If you are ordering multiple upgrades, you can fill out the different serial numbers separated by a comma.

On how many devices can I install SprintPlus?
  • The yearly subscription or fixed web license can be installed on an unlimited amount of devices (pc's, laptops or Windows tablets). You can work on 3 devices simultaneously. 
  • runs in every browser, so no need to install SprintPlus. You can be logged in on 3 devices simultaneously.
  • An individual SprintPlus pack (via DVD) can be installed on two computers. These two installations are intended for one user. 
  • SprintoPlus, the USB-version of SprintPlus, can be used on any Windows computer, whenever and wherever you want. SprintPlus does not need to be installed on a device.
  • A school pack (via DVD) can be installed on 5 computers or laptops. These 5 installations must take place on computers of one school or school community.
  • The SprintoPlus school pack contains 5 USB-sticks. These sticks can be used in school or school community and are not meant for resale.
  • A network version allows different users to work simultaneously with SprintPlus on each computer that is connected to the network. The network key (dongle) controls how many users may work simultaneously.
How to install the network version of SprintPlus?

To install SprintPlus on several computers in a network you can download for example PsExec.

  1. Make a folder on the server and copy the content of the SprintPlus CD to it.
  2. Share this folder with the entire network and make sure the user of the script has access to it. 
  3. Execute following command: "psexec computername -u user -p password serverfoldernamesetup.exe verysilent". This will start the installation in the background.
  • Instead of the computername you can also fill in @computerlist.txt. Make sure this file stands next to PsExec, with in it the names of all the computers on which SprintPlus needs to be installed.
  • If you want to install SprintPlus on all the computers in the domain, fill in * instead of computername.
How to add the SprintOCR option?

After the purchase of the SprintOCR option, you have to follow these steps to activate the module:

  1. Make sure SprintPlus is not running. Close Microsoft Word and all SprintPlus applications.
  2. Install the latest version of SprintPlus
  3. Install the latest version of SprintOCR
  4. Reactivate your SprintPlus licence. If you are using a SprintoPlus USB stick or a network dongle you have to use the Activation page. In case of a DVD licence, you have to deactivate the licence via File > Info > Update licence and reactivate the licence afterwards.

It's possible to order this option afterwards. If so, please fill out your serial number when ordering.

Payment methods

You can pay with CreditCard, Bancontact, Maestro, Giropay, SofortBank or Ideal in our webshop. Pre-payment by money transfer is also possible. Business customers or schools that wish to order by invoice, can always transmit their order to


Download the manual here:

Are you looking for the manual of an older SprintPlus version? You can find all manuals here.

How can SprintPlus read as I type?

This option needs to be activated in the Voice Settings.

  1. Click the Voice Settings symbol under Settings. The Voice Settings appear on your screen.
  2. Check Speak while typing.
    If you want Sprint to read everything you type in all programs, then activate Sprinter and right-click the purple square that appears on your desktop. Select Settings in the submenu and check Speak while typing in all applications. You also need to enable this for Word!
  3. Sprint needs to be activated. If Sprint isn't activated, the speech while typing won't work.

Same goes for Open a document, go to settings and check the "Speak while typing" box.

How can SprintPlus read texts on the internet out loud?

You can read texts on the internet with the Sprinter button and WebSprinter.

Sprinter button (Windows)

FYI: SprintPlus needs to be activated if you want to work with the Sprinter button.

1. Go to "Extra" > "Sprinter" on the Start tab or right-click the Sprint icon at the bottom of the screen (next to the clock) and select Sprinter. You now can see the Sprinter button on the screen.

2. Select the text you want Sprint to read.  

3. Then click the Sprinter button. The button changes into a square as Sprint reads the text. Click the square to stop the speech.

Do you want to change the language, the reading speed or the Sprinter's size? Simply right-click the Sprinter button and choose your option from the settings menu. 

WebSprinter (Windows, MacBook, Chromebooks, ...)

WebSprinter reads web pages like gmail, hotmail, online newspapers and social media like Facebook and WhatsApp out loud. This allows you to understand the text faster and better. The word that is read aloud is indicated in colour so that you can easily follow along. You can change the colour or turn it off. You can choose between different languages for the voice read out loud, and also set the reading speed.

Google Chrome browser

  1. Go to Google chrome extensies.
  2. Install the WebSprinter.
  3. Activate it by clicking on the SprintPlus icon. The icon can be found to the right of your search bar in Google Chrome.
  4. Log in with the data of your webapp or (individual) yearly subscription.
  5. Get started!

Edge browser

Translated with (free version)

How can SprintPlus read my paper texts?

You can make your text on paper readable by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), in other words text recognition software.

Scanning a document can be compared to making a picture of this document. This picture (or image) does not contain any text. The OCR software will recognize the text in the image and convert the scanned document into a document containing readable digital text.

What do I need to make a paper document readable?

Besides a scanner, you also need OCR software. Most scanners and for example, the Windows tablet are delivered with OCR software. If you do not have OCR software, you can opt for the SprintOCR module (optional).

Can I disable features during exams?

You can disable the following features:

  • the word prediction (Skippy),
  • and/or the spell checker.

Go to File > Permissions and deselect the features you want to disable. You can set a password to protect these settings. You must restart sprint before the new settings will take effect. Changes made on SprintoPlus will only have an effect on the USB-stick, for other types of installation the changes are saved on the device. 

How to make my own SprintPlus USB stick?

When you have a SprintPlus web license or annual subscription, you can make your own SprintPlus-stick. This way you have the advantages of the web license together with those of a USB-stick version.

Check here how to make your own SprintPlus stick.

How do you read ePubs in SprintPlus?

The Sprinter button can read the ePub file format. SprintPlus can read pdf files.

Speech to text in SprintPlus?

Dragon for SprintPlus (Windows) and chrome extensions for