Privacy policy

Jabbla bvba will process your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

You can contact us at any time:
Jabbla BV
Foreestelaan 3, 9000 Gent, Belgium
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Information you share with us

These are the details you explicitly entrust us with, such as:

  1. your first name, family name and email address when you subscribe to our newsletter,
    • We shall only update this information and send you our newsletter after you have given us your explicit permission. You can unsubscribe or modify your profile at any time.
    • Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive emails from us. Although you will be unsubscribed immediately, we will delete your data after 12 months to ensure that you do not accidentally receive any further emails from us.
  2. your identification and contact details in an email, a support question, when signing up for a training programme or a demo request,
    • We process this data in order to provide you with the service you expect within the framework of that specific agreement. We will only contact you within the context of that agreement, such as, for example, an email after completing a training course, in order to forward to you our manual, our demo version or our presentation.
    • The data resulting from a support request will be archived after 3 years and deleted after 10 years. We store your data for up to 3 years after the training course, information session or demo request, so that we can link your future activities such as any downloads and purchases, to marketing activities. After which time they will be anonymized.
  3. your address at the time of delivery,
    • In order to respect our agreement, we need a delivery address for delivery.
    • We will retain the delivery note for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase for any legal claims.
  4. the name of your school for a training course,
    • This allows us to follow up on our customers and proactively offer training and information sessions where they are most needed.
    • After 3 years, all data of training courses will be anonymized.
  5. payment details to complete an order. 
    • In order to complete our agreement, we must receive a payment. If this takes place via our online webshop, the payment will be done electronically, in which case we will need payment details. This information is processed via our partner Multisafepay, with whom we have a processing contract.
    • Data that may be relevant within a legal context is retained for up to 10 years after purchase. All other details are deleted.

Additional information we receive about you

This concerns the information we receive, and for which you have given your consent, when you visit our website. The electronic data we collect, consists of:

  1. Functional cookies, such as your browser language, your log-in data when you register on our website,
    • These cookies are used to improve the user experience on the website.
    • This is only saved during your session; after leaving our website, the cookies are deleted.
  2. Analytical cookies such as your IP address, location and browsing behavior, such as browser information during your visit to our website,
    • We process this pseudo-identification data in Google Analytics with full respect for your privacy (see below).
    • After 26 months, your data will be anonymized by Google Analytics. In its marketing statistics, Jabbla never uses individual data, only aggregated data.

Third parties to whom we entrust your data

Identification and electronic data is provided to the US-based companies Google (Analytics) and Mailchimp. Both Google Analytics and Mailchimp will treat your data confidentially. Jabbla bvba has entered into a processor agreement with both parties.

The personal data used in Google Analytics is encrypted and processed anonymously, ‘data sharing with Google’ has been disabled and the Google Analytics cookies are not used in conjunction with other Google services. We do enable reports on demographic and interest categories in order to have a better understanding of the visits to our website.

We do not disclose any personal data to other third parties, except to comply with legal obligations and in the event of an explicit request from judicial authorities, in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

Link with Google Drive or OneDrive

You can link the SprintPlus webapp with your Google Drive or OneDrive cloud storage. You need a Google account or OneDrive account to be able to make use of this option. The login procedure is handled by Google or Microsoft in a separate browser window. You will be required to give the SprintPlus webapp permission to access your Google Drive or OneDrive in order to open documents from your cloud storage in the webapp and to save the documents. The content of your Google Drive or OneDrive is not saved or stored in any way in the webapp. Only the account name is stored to reconnect after a restart of the webapp. You can disconnect your Google Drive or OneDrive at any time.

Your content remains yours, as described in Terms of Service of Google or Microsoft. We do not claim ownership of the content (text, data, information and files) that you upload, share or store in your Google Drive or OneDrive account.

To read more about the Google privacy policy:

To read more about the Microsoft privacy policy:


You have the right to access, correct, restrict processing of, transfer and delete your personal data at any time. You can do this by sending a simple email to You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Commission.

Jabbla reserves the right to keep this page up to date.