What is SprintPlus?

SprintPlus has opened up the curriculum to many of my students, enabling them to work independently in their writing and research.

Sprint opleidingen

SprintPlus has opened up the curriculum to many of my students, enabling them to work independently in their writing and research.

What is SprintPlus?

SprintPlus helps children, young pupils and adults with reading, writing, spelling and learning difficulties. Thanks to the speech and language technology you can listen to any available text on your computer. SprintPlus can read text out loud as it is being entered. It helps in developing the user's reading and writing skills.

SprintPlus evolves with the user's needs. It is a very helpful tool for young as well as adult readers. It has proven its efficiency in the field of education, from primary and secondary till higher education. SprintPlus can also be a great tool when learning a foreign language.

Improve your reading skills

SprintPlus uses a voice synthesizer to read out loud the content of documents by letter, by word, by paragraph, by line or by sentence. It also supports phonetic spelling. As it speaks, it highlights the word that is pronounced. This helps to visualise the reading flow. SprintPlus will read out the whole document or can be set to navigate through the document word by word or sentence by sentence. The Click & Read mode allows you to control only what you want to hear being read out loud; a specific word or a sentence, just by clicking on it. You can make an mp3 file of the document and listen to it whenever and wherever you are.

Improve spelling

SprintPlus pronounces text as it is written. This instant feedback allows one to hear mistakes as they are being made. A spell checker looks for spelling mistakes and reads aloud suggestions for correction.

Auditory feedback and spell checking are not always effective when it comes to homophones. The homophone tool in SprintPlus addresses this challenge and helps the user make the right choice. The advanced word prediction software has an adaptable word list of about 25000 commonly used words.

Hear and here are examples of homophones. They are pronounced the same but differ in meaning. One can't hear the difference and the spell checker will accept both. SprintPlus marks the homophones and gives a definition, an example and a picture of the possible meanings of each alternative. SpintPlus makes it easy to choose the correct homophone. SprintPlus includes an easy to use speaking word processor.

Studying will be easier

Use time to acquire knowledge by listening instead of spending time and energy on reading. SprintPlus pronounces the text so you can concentrate on the content. Use onscreen colour pens to structure and summarise a document with a single mouseclick. SprintPlus supports different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian. The speech technology will help you to improve your understanding of foreign languages, but it will also teach you the right pronunciation.

Direct use in Microsoft Word

A comprehensive toolbar provides access to all the features and tools of word processing to support reading and writing. The SprintPlus toolbar will integrate into MS Word providing reading and writing supports in one of the most commonly used word processors.


SprintPlus reads out loud PDF documents directly from the PDF data. Available PDF books, magazines, courses and other PDF documents can be opened and read immediately. The writing tool allows you to fill in text, answers and remarks. SprintPlus makes it possible to read documents in two languages, without having to switch to an other language. Can be very practical when you have to study long list of vocabulary in two languages.

In all programs

Websites, e-mails, powerpoints ... Sprinter reads it! SprintPlus has a floating tool, Sprinter, that can read any text on your computer. Listen to e-mails, web pages or a powerpoint presentation. Just highlight the word or text you want to hear and press the play button.


SprintoPlus is the mobile version of SprintPlus. Plug the stick into the USB port of any Windows computer and start using SprintPlus instantly. No need to install the software. The SprintoPlus stick has enough memory to store your favourite documents or books.