One-time purchase

Download and install SprintPlus easily on different devices (computer, laptop or Windows tablet). With this license, you can use SprintPlus on 3 devices simultaneously.

Your subscription includes:

  • SprintPlus editor,
  • toolbar in MS Word,
  • Sprinter reading tool,
  • word prediction especially developed for dyslexics,
  • adapted spell checker.

Do you already work with a SprintPlus version on your device (DVD version) or SprintoPlus USB stick? You can switch to a fixed web license for free! Send us an e-mail with your serial number. In case of SprintoPlus, you can send your stick to Jabbla, Foreestelaan 3, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

£ 162.00


SprintPlus for DSA and University

Software that helps students with dyslexia be more confident and productive at university.

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