School subscription 100 students

With a school subscription, all pupils and teachers of the school can use SprintPlus, both at school and at home. You always work with the latest version, updates and upgrades are always included. Install the software on multiple devices (PC, laptop or Windows tablet). When starting up, the web security system checks whether the subscription is still valid. The site licence contains all functionalities: SprintPlus + Van Dale dictionaries + SprintOCR. The price of the annual subscription depends on the total number of pupils at the school. This school subscription is meant for schools with less than 100 pupils.

The subscription is valid for 1 year, no contract for several years. You decide whether to extend the subscription or not.

Your subscription includes:

  • SprintPlus editor,
  • toolbar in MS Word,
  • Sprinter reading tool,
  • word prediction especially developed for dyslexics,
  • adapted spell checker,
  • SprintOCR (Optical Character Recognition),
  • the language pack including French, German and Spanish.

Do you want to combine this installation version for Windows with the online version so you can use SprintPlus also on MacBook, Chromebooks, tablets, etc.? Contact us for a price offer.

£ 315.00


SprintPlus for DSA and University

Software that helps students with dyslexia be more confident and productive at university.

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